Mechanical Engineering Works

HVAC Works

Our services focus on design, supply, installation, and maintenance of integrated and comprehensive HVAC systems which meet local and international quality standards for the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Where we provide the following services.

Water Supply, and Drainage System

Plumbing systems, including water supply and sewage installations, are planned, designed, constructed, and operated in accordance with local and international building standards, in a way that rationalizes the use of supplies, including raw materials, equipment, assembly tools, installation and operation, to achieve safety and sustainability standards in our various projects.

Fire Fighting System

“MEP PLUS” team dedicated in planning, designing, and implementing firefighting systems in accordance with recognized local and international standards in order to achieve the highest levels of safety for the projects that we undertake, starting from providing early detection systems for fires and ending with rapid suppression systems while ensuring that they are linked to systems with control panels to provide Building security 24 hours a day.